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Recent Customer Service Survey Results


Below are the questions sent to customers with their invoices.  133 total responses are in this data set and represent approximately one year of the survey.  After each question is the customers’ responses reported in percentage of the total.  Where only some of the percentage categories are listed, there were no other response types given in the entire data set.


Questions #1 - #4 were answerable by circling one of the following:

Strongly Agree      Agree      Somewhat Agree     Disagree     Strongly Disagree


1.)    Our electrician (and helper if any) was courteous and able to answer any questions that I had. 

                  Strongly Agree - 88%  

                  Agree – 12%


2.)  The employee(s) in the office handled my service request efficiently and with courtesy.         

                  Strongly Agree – 80%

                  Agree – 14%

                  Somewhat Agree – 1%

                  No response or not applicable – 5%


3.)     Overall, the service(s) that I received was satisfactory.

                  Strongly Agree – 87%

                  Agree - 12%

                  No response or not applicable – 1%


4.)    I will use Cook Electric, Inc. again for any electrical service that I need.

                  Strongly Agree – 86%

                  Agree – 12%

                  No response or not applicable – 2%